Common Questions & Answers

Where will my website be hosted?

We believe that our users should always maintain control of their own website. While some agencies opt to host their clients websites for them we prefer to have our clients host their websites on their own accounts. We have developed a recommended hosting environment that we recommend for all of our clients that includes WP Engine as the host, Cloudflare as the CDN and Mailgun for the SMTP provider. This configuration provides a great deal of speed and value for our clients and it’s the same configuration that we use for our own sites. If you would like us to setup a CRM for your website we highly recommend the Go High Level CRM system.

What is the cost for maintenance work on my site?

We make things as easy for you as possible. We charge a $50/month subscription to our clients to have an account with us. This subscription allows clients to have direct access to their assigned project manager via their dedicated slack channel. It also gives them access to a task portal that shows live information about any tasks that are currently being worked on. Any of the tasks that you give us to work will be tracked on our time tracking system that rounds to the hundredth of an hour and at the end of the week your card on file will be charged for the cost of any of the hours that have been worked on your tasks.

What platform do we use to build out our websites?

All of our premade templates are created using Wordpress. However, our dev team has a great deal of experience with many other website builders including Shopify, Go High Level, Wix and even custom sites made with code builders such as Dreamweaver. If you would like an existing site worked on or want us to build you a custom site on a platform that is not wordpress, chances are we will be able to assist you with building out your project.

What else can you offer us?

We have a full stack team of developers that can help with website building, maintenance and even more advanced projects such as the creation of chrome extensions or custom web apps. In addition, we also have a full team of VAs and specialists such as video editors that are also available to help you with your website tasks or other work that you need done. Our VAs and specialists have a lower hourly cost than our Web Developers do, if you have questions about them then please feel free to schedule a call with our consulting team and we will be happy to provide you with all the information that we can.

Do you make Chrome Extensions?

Yes, we do make Chrome Extensions! Our team of developers is capable of creating much more than just websites. If you are looking for a custom-made Chrome Extension we would be happy to help. There is a tremendous amount of time that can be saved and additional abilities that can be built out using a custom Chrom Extension and we would be happy to build one for you. Just let us know what you're wanting to get made and let's take it from there.

Do you build web applications like client portals?

Yes, we do! Our team would be happy to help you to build a web application for your company. We can build custom client portals, a complete backend area on your website for your workers to use, and much more. Just let us know what you would like created and we can get it on the schedule to get started on building it out for you right away.

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