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Here at Trouble Free Employees a large portion of what we have always done was to create websites for our clients. We call this wing of our business
Trouble Free Websites.


How Can We Help You Make More Money From Your Website?

At Trouble Free Websites we provide clients with an on-demand team of website developers available to assist with all your website needs. We believe that quality does not need to be expensive and we operate our business with simple, straightforward, and affordable pricing.

Each Trouble Free Websites member is provided with a TaskPortal that they can log in to when they want to add tasks or view the status of current tasks that are in progress. In addition, all subscribers are also assigned a Project Manager and an Account Manager that will be connected with them in a Slack group and are available to answer questions or drop in any tasks into the portal on your behalf.

 We can help you with website tasks that are large and small. Do you need a website built? We can help. Need some content added to your existing website or some kind of another quick maintenance task done? We can help with that too! We are here to be your go-to one-stop shop for all of your website services.

 Our pricing is set up to be simple. Our members can submit tasks to us with no limit to how big or small they are and we will only charge them for the time it takes for us to complete the task.

 Some members use us for one-time tasks and then cancel. Some members use us to set up a site for them and then keep their subscriptions active so that we are always available to assist with any spot fixes or maintenance they need help with. Some members even pull us onto existing projects so that we could clean up the sloppy work that happened before we got there.

 However you need help with your websites, we're here for you.
Dev Pods
Senior Developers
Jr Devs
Jr Devs
Jr Devs

Our Developers Work In Teams. 
We Call Them Pods

Our developers are divided into two categories, Senior Devs and Junior Devs.  The Senior Devs typically bill at $25/hour and the Jr Devs typically bill at $20/hour. We combine these two types of workers together into small teams we call “Dev Pods” which consist of both Senior and Junior Developers working in concert together. We do this so that our clients can benefit from the additional skills of the Senior Developers when they are needed while enjoying the cost savings of the Jr Developers' rates for the less advanced tasks.

The system allows the projects to have the quality control that only a Senior Dev can provide, but the majority of work is done at the cost saving Jr Developer rate. Quality is high, costs are low. Our clients love it.  


We Can Save You Money With Our Free Website Templates

These template websites will drastically lower the time to build (and the cost of) your website. However, if you would prefer to have a custom website created so you can have a unique look and feel, we would be happy to assist you with that. 

These website templates are available to our subscribers, for free*. We charge our clients by the hour, and allowing them to start their projects with these premade templates for free typically saves 50% to 75% vs starting from scratch with a custom website. 

We have produced these template websites to literally save you thousands of dollars on your next project. Simply choose the design, colors, and font and we will have your website created in a very short period of time. These websites can be very inexpensive with total costs that can be less than $1000 dollars. 

Look through the premade sites and see if any of the website designs appeal to you. If there’s anything that’s looking close to what you want, we can customize the template sites so you can choose the colors, type fonts, and easily swap images for what would make the most sense for your project. The best part is our techs will populate the site for you and make any adjustments that you need, all you need to do is pay for the time that they spend on customizations.
*Members will just be responsible for the cost of customization & Installation

Want to spend more for something made Just for you?

Let's Build A Brand New Custom Website

Our custom websites are projects that are not based on a template that we need to build from scratch. Because of the extra work necessary to create these sites they will of course cost more than a template based site. However, we will be able to create any type of website you have in mind. The cost of these websites will vary with design and and selected features. Our custom websites that have built in custom post types and GoHighLevel CRM integrations can add a huge amount of functionality to the end user, enabling such features as automated followup sequences and content marketing workflows that even the most entry level Virtual Assistants can easily implement.
Tell Us What
 You Want
We'll Create
A Mockup
Approved Mockup
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Completed Dev Site
Is Approved
Ongoing Testing &
Spot Fixes

Already Have A website that just needs to be updated?

We Also Work On Existing Websites!

Many of our clients have had websites for many years and they are starting to look old and tired or have technical issues that are slowing them down. Many clients also have developed new facets to their businesses that they would like to have highlighted on their websites. If you like your website well enough to keep it mostly as is but would like to revitalize it so it looks better or loads faster, we can help with this as well. You only need to pay for the hours that our dev teams spend working on it. They can either do all the work at one time, or they can space it out over a period of time so you can break the costs down into smaller pieces.

We're Here for You For the long term

Trouble Free Websites Includes Ongoing Support

One of the reasons clients like to work with us on websites the most is that they can simply contact us at any time to request any changes or adjustments to the sites. Instantly drop a task into your TaskPortal or ping your account manager on slack with a service request to request a change or adjustments to the site. These can be small or large changes, we are here to help you with whatever you need. Pricing changes, adding new products or anything needed to be done to keep the website up-to-date with the growing needs of your business. Once you have a subscription with us we can make changes and adjustments to your website as needed, and you will just need to pay for the time our devs spend to implement the requested changes. Our system is simple, reliable and affordable.


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You will instantly have access to a team of Front & Back End Developers, UI/UX Specialists, Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Wordpress Technicians, GHL, Laravel, Python and iOS Specialists. Funnel Designers, and more. All at your fingertips 24/7. Enjoy unlimited access to our whole team of specialists and only pay for the actual hours that are worked on your tasks.
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Selected Package

Includes: TaskBoard + Free Customizable 5 Page Website Template + UNLIMITED Dev Team Access

You will instantly have access to a team of Front & Back End Developers, UI/UX Specialists, Graphic Designers, WordPress Technicians, GHL, Laravel, Python, and iOS Specialists. Funnel Designers, and more. All at your fingertips 24/7. Enjoy unlimited access to our whole team of website development specialists and only pay for the actual hours that are worked on your tasks.

* The cost for this service is $50/mo. Upon signup we will also collect a deposit of $550 which will act as a credit towards any hours worked on your account that can be used during the first 60 days of your membership. If you do not use your $550 worth of hours during the first 60 days of membership they will expire. The total amount that will be charged to your card today will be $600.


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